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How To Clean A Nose Piercing

It can be difficult to clean a nose piercing. The area will be tender and painful. The best way to soothe the area and reduce swelling is to clean it.

Experts recommend that a nose piercing be cleaned twice daily until it heals fully. You can clean your nose by piercing aftercare spray 3oz for about 3-5 minutes. To hold the saline, a small cup or eggcup is a good choice.

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After dipping the piercing area in the saline solution, rinse the skin with warm water and pat dry with a towel. You can also dip a Q-tip or cotton wool ball in warm saline and then apply it to the site.

These items can be used to remove blood or lymphatic fluid from jewelry or piercing sites. A nose piercing takes only a few minutes and is relatively painless. The healing process can take several months.

Aftercare for nose piercings begins with frequent cleaning. The following guidelines will be recommended by a professional body piercer:

  • Cleaning the site at minimum twice per day with a saline solution

  • Avoid touching the piercing area unless you have recently washed your hands

  • After the piercing is complete, clean the site with mild, unscented soap.

  • Use coconut oil or tea tree oil to moisturize the area

Aftercare for a nose piercing is essential to prevent infections and other complications such as nasal trauma or changes in the nose's form.