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How Mobile Apps Can Help Patients With Medication Intake

Drug applications are among the most popular health application categories used by adults in the United States. About 21% of respondents said they used some type of medication monitoring tool or reminder at least once.

For a healthcare provider, developing means drug application to take greater control over medication management of patients and therefore provide better, Safer Care. If you’re looking for more information about medication management apps check this out.

medication management app

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Medication reminder

Unlike a patient taking one or two types of pills, a patient with a more intense drug plan may have difficulty remembering what they should take the pill for. These patients will help from reminders with notifications that represent the name of the drug and its dosage.

A photo of what looks like a pill as needed can be displayed as well. This way, even a person suffering from a neurodegenerative disease will not make a mistake.

Notifications can remind the user not only medication but also the need to replenish drugs. To use this function, the needs of the patient to regularly take note of the dose and the number of pills they bought and enter this data into their mobile drug plan.

Then the automatic algorithm calculates the date by when the stock runs out and warns a patient about this in advance.