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How Long The Child Safely Suck Their Thumbs?

A study reported in Pediatrics found that kids who do finger sucking are less likely to encounter allergic responses to things such as dust and pollen mites in the future. So, deciding when, or even if, you might want to prevent thumb sucking involves a variety of factors.

If your child is past the age of four and they often suck their finger throughout the day, or if you are worried about your kid's thumb-sucking, talk to your dentist or pediatrician. They may recommend treatments or strategies you can try to help your child stop sucking their thumbs. They can also recommend letting your child continue the behaviour until they gave up on their own, despite the possible effects on their baby teeth.

Many children stop sucking their thumbs at a time of their own between ages 2 and 4. Consistent or strong thumb sucking that lasts through time that may affect the arrangement of your baby's strong front teeth and the shape of their mouths.

Finger sucking is a direct reflex that occurs before childbirth. Many kids continue to practice until the age of 2 or more. Thumb sucking usually resolves itself, but it can hardly cause damage to the jaws, especially if it continues past the age of four, and if the kid sucks frequently & vigorously.  This practice can also expose children to viruses.

Parents can help their children break the habit. Your kid's dentist or pediatrician can also help.