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How Do You Make Marijuana Clones?

The first thing you need to do is to select a parent plant. Just select your favorite or based on other attributes such as final height, total shelf life, or flowering time.

You need a plant that is about eight weeks old in your growing season so that your cannabis branches have the best chance of taking root.

Plants should be in their growth cycle for at least three weeks. You can buy marijuana clones at Mendo Bros store online.

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1. To start the process, don't fertilize the mother plant for 3-5 days until you prune it. This will reduce nitrogen levels in the leaves, a nutrient that can turn your clones into plants, not roots.

2. Find a strong branch at the base of the plant. These branches receive the least amount of light and have difficulty growing. So this is also a bonus for your mother's plant.

3. Take your razor and cut the branches as close to the main stem as possible at a 45-degree angle. This will maximize the surface area and therefore the chances of your clone having to be successfully eradicated.

4. Immediately immerse the cut end in water to prevent air bubbles from forming. The air bubbles protect the plant from water uptake, so do the transfer as soon as possible!

5. Cut the edge of the fan blade about half the length of the leaf. This will help their photosynthesis in the future.

6. If you are using the root hormone, it is time to apply it to your cuttings.

7. Move your new clone into its root environment!