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Do the circulation boosters work to help the circulation to the feet?

The circulation boosters, of which by far the most widely recognized brand name is Revitive, are a variety of products which are touted to enhance the circulation. The advertising of these devices is by and large by means of testimonials along with celebrity recommendations. You can find hardly any or no rigourous scientific data supporting that they help the circulation.

These types of circulation booster range of gadgets use a platform that you rest the foot on and that either vibrates or supplies a minor electric stimulus, the result being that the muscles contract. With this muscle contraction, this will pump blood, and so yes there will be a short lived increase in blood circulation to the feet and legs due to this. When the equipment is switched off or perhaps the foot removed from the product, the induced muscle contraction stops and the blood flow returns to where it was before you started.

Taking a walk for the same amount of time you may have spent on the product will work drastically more for the blood flow. The local blood circulation from the muscle contraction of walking is going to do more good compared to the stimulated muscle contraction from a device. The walking furthermore encourages an increase in cardiac output to supply blood circulation for the exercising muscles and this significantly improves the benefits associated with going for walks. The circulation boosters do nothing to activate cardiac output.

There has been basic research released on these devices which have measured variations in a few physiologic criteria or features while using the device, but hardly any research shows they do anything to further improve the blood circulation, especially in the long run. Assuming they were capable of enhancing the circulation, then all vascular surgeons would be promoting these boosters to their patients. There's a reason that they do not do that. Previously the makers of these gadgets have found themselves having difficulties with a variety of regulation and advertising and marketing statutory bodies.

Why is it that a great number of testimonails from others that make claims the gadgets will be so amazing? Testimonails from others are not science and any kind of medical product which relies on testimonials in place of peer reviewed scientific research from good controlled clinical trials really should be looked at as a warning sign. People could possibly feel improved after making use of these devices for any number of reasons, including the placebo influence. In some cases people with symptoms in the legs and feet could find some relief by using those circulation booster products because the muscle stimulation gives a nerve or sensation input that will help with their signs and symptoms. That has nothing to do with enhancing the blood circulation. No problem with those types of results and if you find it can help you, then that is good. However, do your self a favor and step out for a walk and have some real exercise.