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Discover Benefits of Bath Salt

If you have ever tried to bathe with regular soap, you will know how hard it can be on the skin, especially if you are suffering from sensitive skin or have had a cold or fever recently. And when it comes to cleansing your skin you don't want anything harsher than soap, after all, what would you use on your face when you have a cold or fever?

The amazing properties found in Dead Sea Salt soothe and relax aching muscles and joints and even treat rheumatic conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis and Psoriasis. The unique aroma of Breathe Breathing Salt is an energizing detoxifier and revitalize while rejuvenating and replenishing the body with the refreshing fragrance of Breathe Essential oil.

Soap, dead sea salt, and cleansers don't do the job you want them to. The ingredients in these products strip the skin of its natural moisture, which is why it becomes dry and itchy. You want your skin to remain smooth and supple; yet, you also want to keep it soft and supple. The combination of the ingredients in Breathe essential oil and the Dead Sea salts found within the sea's water gives the best of both worlds.

When you are looking for ways to refresh and revitalize your skin, you want your skin to be fresh and refreshed, with a healthy glow. This is what Breathe brings to the table and has done since the early 1900's. The formula is simple and easy to use, you just add the product to warm water and apply to your skin or use a loofah to massage the mixture onto your skin.

While there is no scientific evidence to back up claims that bathing in bath salt can stimulate the immune system or promote blood flow, it has been shown to aid in digestion, improve digestion, and ease the symptoms of constipation. For many, adding some salt to their baths and showers can help with anxiety and depression. Not only is the added moisture soothing but it also creates a barrier that will help prevent the formation of bacteria and germs in the skin pores.

Dead Sea salt has been used for thousands of years to treat a number of ailments, including eczema, arthritis, and arthritis pain, skin disorders, insomnia, and menstrual problems. In fact, many health professionals consider it one of the greatest healing and balancing elements found in nature. It has proven its mettle in ancient times and continues to be used to relieve these ailments.

For healthy skin and perfect skin, Dead Sea salt offers more than just an abundance of healing and balancing qualities. It also contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and a host of other natural substances that promote skin cell renewal, healing, and nourishment.

Many products claim to include Dead Sea Salt, but most of them contain chemical agents that can be harmful to the skin. The best way to ensure that you get all the benefits of this highly beneficial mineral is by purchasing products that contain the ingredients found within the Dead Sea.

One of the best components of the Dead Sea, Epsom salt, also known as seawater salt, is known as the master mineral. It works as a deodorizer and is used in the manufacture of soaps, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and shampoos. It is found naturally in the water of the Sea of Galilee and is used in the production of the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea salt helps to relieve constipation. It works to strengthen the bowels by increasing the rate at which waste passes through the body. As a result of this, you feel less pain while passing stools and are less likely to experience hemorrhoids and indigestion.

Dead Sea salt is used for a variety of other skin care purposes as well. Because of its effectiveness as an anti-bacterial agent and as an astringent, Dead Sea salt can be used on sensitive skin to help heal burns, acne, eczema, cuts, and redness.

Another great thing about Dead Sea salt is that it is great for soothing the skin and soothing and relieving redness and irritation from rashes and psoriasis. These same property helps to relieve itching and irritation from eczema. Using this natural product has also been shown to reduce swelling, redness, and soreness, and increase moisture to the skin, thereby preventing further irritation to the skin's surface.