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Business Cards – Presenting Your Image to the World

Business cards are an important tool in your marketing plan. Here are some tips on how to use it to your advantage in the market.

Choose a design that makes the card stand out.

A card makes the first impression and reflects your business to the world. It is a marketing tool and a way to network with business partners and potential customers.

Make sure that the type and size of the font used is easy to read. Ask yourself, "What is the impression you want me to make?" The most important thing to create a business card is customization and personalization.

Example: eye-catching colors, images, featured logos, the use of cards of different shapes.

Potential clients and business executives will see you as a professional if you have the distance, grammar, and misspellings.


It is better to recycle paper and order a new batch of cards instead of saving money with a deactivated card. 

A business card is an investment in your business.

It will impress potential customers with the use of higher quality cardstock with an elegant glossy or embossed finish. These additional details may cost more, but the message sent to your clients will be in vain; Consult a professional to be successful.

A letter tells the world who you are and who you represent.

Be sure to display the name, title, and contact information that is now highlighted on the face of the card. If people cannot contact you so that the information on the card has expired, your business will go to someone else.

A business card has two sides: use.

Use forward to introduce yourself. Use the reverse side to expand it. You can include your area of expertise, special incentives, or some helpful information to encourage people to keep their cards.


Experience: We buy all kinds of real estate: family, mobile homes, commercial.

Special incentive: 5% discount on your purchase when you show this card.

Useful information: information about actions, calendar, game calendar, etc.