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Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

However, when grief strikes, did you know that there are many things you can do over the counter to improve your symptoms? If the blues let you down, why not try an age-old alternative practice of using lavender essential oil?

However, there is a disclaimer. Depression can be a serious and chronic condition. If you feel nauseous, it is best to see your doctor first. However, if you're having a big duel with the blues, lavender is effective at stimulating your mood and can often help bring your mind back to healthy emotions. It is a good option to search online for more information on lavender essential oil.

lavender essential oil

The scent of pure lavender and flowers stimulates the emotional part of the brain and can also help clear the airways.

Make sure to only use therapeutic lavender oil. Therapeutic grades ensure that the oil is free of fillers, additives, and other impure chemicals that often make their way into grocery store brands.

For this reason, always use a carrier oil such as jojoba (at least at the start of your lavender oil regimen). Many experts also recommend that you wait until you know how your body responds to lavender before experimenting with lavender.

Combined with a healthy diet, moderate exercise, plenty of water, and a stress-free lifestyle, lavender essential oil is a great addition to any relaxing and natural antidepressant regimen.