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Becoming An Interpreter In Beijing

So you want to become an interpreter. There are several things to consider when interpreting before deciding on a career change. Perhaps most importantly, before taking the path of an interpreter, be sure you understand the difference between interpreter and translator.

This article offers several options that you should consider before committing to a career as an interpreter. You can find the best interpreter in Beijing via


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Interpreting offers interpretation into a different language. You can provide a personal translation – for one person who speaks one language in another for another person or audience who speaks another language.

Interpreters can also provide telephone interpreter services to convey the message that someone is speaking in one language to another in a second language.

Interpreters must be able to think quickly in both languages – languages used by the first person and languages understood and/or spoken by the audience (one or more people).

The interpretation should take place immediately so that the interpreter feels comfortable from person to person and uncomfortable with a group of people. Interpreters should also feel comfortable translating the language used with different accents.

The person ordering the interpretation in the morning may have a very different accent from the person ordering the interpretation in the afternoon. Therefore interpreters must be able to switch faster than translators.