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Become a Freelance Website Designer in Auckland

A friend of mine had worked for years for the same web development company. He loved what he did and found the corporate world much to his liking. One day, seemingly without notice, he found himself laid off with no job prospects. After his initial period of shock wore off, he got to work trying to find clients to serve while he found a full-time job.

He was amazed at how quickly he was able to find companies to employ him as a freelance web designer. By simply responding to a few requests on CraigsList and other job posting sites, he had several clients set up and got right to work.

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He never really made the conscious decision to work solely from home but as his clients referred him to other clients and he discovered how much he loved working on his own schedule, working for another company was not an option for him. This is just one answer to the question, "How do I make big money fast". No matter what your expertise, your goal is to find a way to wore directly for those who need your services.

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