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Amazing ways to style your shelve with the book stopper

book stopper

If you are looking for a perfectly styles shelf with plenty of space for storage, then you are in the right place. You can add the many ideas on how to style your book shelve; you can arrange the books on the shelves with a book stopper. Make your bookshelves attractive by organizing books in the below ways: –

Many people need bookshelves to hold their books. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a separate room in your home to hold the books or gold and leather-bound books. Here are various tips to make your bookshelves attractive with the maximum number of books. In below, there are three great ways for making your bookshelves more styled and innovative: –

1. Set your books with horizontal and vertical stacking

If you want to style your bookshelves, start by dividing up all the books by size. This way, you can easily grab the books from the shelves. Begin making a few horizontal stacks; if you like the size of the book in your stack, but the color and title of the book don’t work well, just turn the book around. You have to arrange the bigger books in the horizontal stack so place them near the bottom of the bookshelf. You can also add the other horizontal stack in zig-zag in your bookshelves. To raise the beauty of your shelves, add the bowl and decorative box to your home.

2. Add color at the back of your bookshelf

It is great to make your bookshelf more harmonious by adding color to the back of the bookshelves. Moreover, if you don’t want to paint your bookshelves, you can use the temporary wallpaper and contact paper. You have to choose solid colors for your bookshelves. For instance, select the regular latex wall paint for your bookshelf. As the back of the shelf attaches separately, you can lay it flat to paint. You can go with the grasscloth wallpaper pattern if you want to add more adventure to your space. They are easy to install and attach with double-stick tape. You can choose any color to add to the bookshelf. However, this technique works well for the upper shelves where you cannot read the titles of the book, or if you like questionable taste in books, you can definitely go with this.

3. Use bookend and show the books by size

If you can adjust your shelve according to your choice, keep the top shelves a bit smaller. You can keep all your shorter paperbacks on the small upper shelves. On the flip side, add bookends to your shelf if you need the whole shelf width for your book. To get the most attractive and innovative look, you can arrange the books from large to small against the edge of the shelf.

In the bottom line

Arrange the books in your bookshelves with the above ways. Check out our book stopper collections for the very best in unique custom via You can make your bookshelf attractive and organized by using the stopper. Organize your books on the bookshelves to prevent from clutter in the room.