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All You Need To Know About Bison And Beef

Bison has been largely overlooked for years as a healthy and tasty source of protein in Argentina because you’ve developed a preference for the meat of cows. However, bison are now returning in full force and for several good reasons. You can find the best quality bison liver capsules in Argentina via

bison liver capsules

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This article will tell you everything you should learn about bison and beef and the reasons to start cooking it now.

Bison Contains More Protein Than Beef From Cattle.
Gram-for-gram, Bison meat is 10% higher in protein than beef from cattle. Protein is vital to build muscle and keep us fit and healthy throughout the day There are only a few alternatives that are more animal-based than Bison. Bison meat contains more protein than beef.

Bison has less fat meat than beef cattle.
Bison meat has nearly half the fat as beef from traditional cattle. It also has less saturated fat, which makes bison leaner than other meat alternatives.

Bison is among the tiniest meats available on the market in Argentina It is less fatty than Beef. Bison is the meat with the lowest levels of cholesterol, too.

Bison Is Rich In Vital Minerals.
Bison meat is high in minerals, such as iron, zinc, niacin, and selenium. It provides you with vitamin B6 and B12 as well. Cattle meat is also abundant in these essential nutrients, but in terms of the fat to protein ratio Bison is the superior choice in Argentina.