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All About Trimming press

A press that can be operated hydraulically or mechanically to trim castings especially dies castings. The casting is fed by an extractor or robot into the trimming machine and then deburred with a trim die (blank) to create a fully-automated die casting cell. The flow and flow-off are removed. You can learn more about trimming press machines via

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There are a variety of pressure settings available so that the foundryman can choose the correct model and size for his or her task. For deburring, the series covers models with a maximum 150t closing force.

Functional principle

You can place the casting manually or use a robot to position it on the lower portion of the tool. The linear guiding system allows for optimal access from all sides to allow for automatic loading or unloading. 

The integrated holders secure the hydraulically-operated top part of the tool on the casting. Without causing deformation, the transition to the work speed is made at the appropriate intervals before the deburred part is pressed. Large workpieces can be fed and/or extracted by robots thanks to the high installation height.

Modern presses have robot interfaces that allow integration into pre-processing or automated casting cells. The machine control allows for easy operation, simple programming, and communication with master computers or higher-level cells.

You can connect accessory equipment like tool lubrication, part inspection devices, and conveyors. The presses can be connected to peripheral equipment, such as side cylinder controls, extraction equipment, regulation systems, and peripheral equipment.