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Advantages of a Canadian Student Visa

The Canadian Student Visa comes with many benefits, such as a Temporary Resident Permit. These benefits are just a few of the many:

1) Canadian visa consultants have the right to work on campus without a permit.

2) You can work off-campus during the summer with a student visa

Students must also work, in order to feel self-sufficient. Students can work at campus canteens; there is no need to have a permit. A work permit has other benefits. It can help you get PR in Canada.

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4) An amendment currently allows international students who have graduated from a Canadian education institution outside the Greater Toronto Area to apply PF for work permits for employment outside the GTA. Before applying for an employment permit, the candidate must have a job offer from his employer.

5) Working in Canada allows one to learn about the Canadian working culture and the rules and systems that govern it. He can then understand the pros and cons associated with living in a completely new environment and experience the real-world reality of living there.

Part-time work allows students to pay their tuition and manage other financial matters at the same. Students can also obtain a work permit to study in Canada and apply for a PR.

Canadian and Mexican citizens are allowed to work in the United States with a Professional visa. This is a non-immigrant visa. It allows for the establishment of specific relations with regard to trade and economy between the United States and Canada.

These are the basis of one of the most important qualification criteria. These professional occupations are the basis for granting a temporary or non-immigrant visa to work in America.